Our Story

Ho Band studio, after many years of preparation, was finally established on October 8, 2017. Tong Tong can also be called a gang, as the name suggests, I hope that the love of hand-made works can experience the beauty of hand-made work together. It is a metal. As the saying goes, real gold is not afraid of fire, and it is expected that the studio will be better and better. For the same meaning, we hope that we can have more creative works together. Through handwriting, metalworking, or various forms of creation, we will experience the joy of creation together in the small world of creation. Tongong Metalworking produces a gentle jewelry through forging and grinding, so that the wearer can have his own story through the jewelry, through the jewelry to save the wearer's memories, a feeling or a mileage. Let the jewelry no longer just a piece of jewelry but the starting point of each story.

Ho Band Studio